Palle Cogburn


I am passionate about creating quality software that provides real value to customers.

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Work Experience

Dassault Systems, BIOVIA | Bend, OR | 2007 - Present

Started as Senior Software Engineer in Symyx Technologies
Currently Lead Software Engineer in BIOVIA
Developed Electronic Lab Notebook which later became Workbook.

Responsibilities as Senior
  • Develop RESTful services and clients in .NET/Java/Groovy.
  • Use Visual Studio
  • Use Perforce versioning control.
  • Use JIRA issue tracking and project planning.
  • Use Oracle SQL Developer.
  • Use Agile methodologies, SCRUM.
  • Develop ASP.NET custom controls in C#.
  • Develop MMC 3.0 SnapIn and extensions in .NET/C#.
  • Develop .NET/C# Windows Forms and controls.
  • Develop WCF services in C#.
  • Troubleshoot urgent critical issues in customer production environments in collaboration with the Support Team.
Responsibilities as Lead
  • Negotiate with Support and Product Management about scheduling for defect resolution.
  • Accurately estimate time and resources for feature development.
  • Collaborate with other development teams about integrations.
  • Decide on scope and resources for Major, Minor, Service Pack, and Hot Fix releases in negotiation with Support and Product Management.
  • Lead development team of 3 FTE and 2 contractors.
  • Collaborate with QA Lead to secure a high level of quality for the product.
Main Achievements

2015 Became Development Lead for the Workbook product.
2014 Developed Data Capture prototype for Android that secured contract with 3M for demonstrating mobile strategy.
2010 Received Excellence Award for implementing Token Based Authentication.
2007 Developed Administration Platform for Vault 6.0.

Nokia | San Francisco, CA | 2006 - 2007 Contract

Lead Developer J2ME
Developed the SNAP Mobile platform; a gaming platform for mobile phones.

Main Achievements

Developed encryption feature for SNAP Mobile protocol both for J2ME, J2SE and server side C/C++ code. Redesigned test suite to enable JUnit/J2MEUnit testing of SNAP Mobile Client API implementation.

  • Use Eclipse IDE as development environment for Java.
  • Use CDT plugin for Eclipse for C/C++ development.
  • Use CVS integrated with Eclipse for versioning control.
  • Use Nokia Carbide.j 1.5 Eclipse plugin for testing.
  • Use EclipseME Eclipse plugin for testing.
  • Use Sun Wireless Toolkit 2.5.
  • Develop J2ME applications to demonstrate the use of SNAP Mobile Client API for developers.
  • 3’rd level developer support.
  • Solely responsible for architecture and future development on SNAP Mobile Client API.
  • Developed Ant scripts for building and deployment.
  • Work with support team, documentation team and test team as expert advisor on J2ME and SNAP Mobile.
  • Supervise team of developers.

SVC Financial Services | San Francisco, CA | 2006 Contract

Lead Developer J2ME

Main Achievements

Developed J2ME application for the Scoot project, enabling users to transfer money using their cell phone. Developed Web Services and Web Service client running on JBoss for integration with card processor.

  • Used Eclipse/JBoss integrated IDE as development environment.
  • Used CVS integrated with Eclipse for versioning control.
  • Developed Java Web Services and Web Service clients using the SAAJ and associated API’s running on JBoss 4.0.3SP1.
  • Developed demonstration card processor to run internally in the Scoot server.
  • Developed Servlets and JSP pages using MVC pattern and JSTL on JBoss based Scoot server for testing and customer service.
  • Developed J2ME application for Scoot project. The application enables users to transfer money using their cell phone. Connectivity based on Generic Connector Framework using HTTP and HTTPS and a proprietary protocol optimized for performance and network utilization.
  • Database design for MySQL 5.0.19.
  • Developed Ant scripts for building and deployment.
  • Adviser to the CEO and COO on strategic decisions relating to product development.

Quest Software | Pleasanton, CA | 2006 Contract

Senior Java Developer

Main Achievements

Developed FogLight monitoring cartridge for JBoss based on the Standard Custom collector and a utility class communicating with MBeans running on JBoss and developed custom Ant tasks to run the installation script in a manner similar to Unix Expect script.

  • Used Eclipse/JBoss integrated IDE as development environment.
  • Used ClearCase for source code versioning control.
  • Development on FogLight Management Server.
  • J2EE/JBoss development.
  • Development of Ant scripts using Apache Ant 1.6.5, Ant-contrib from Source-Forge and custom tasks.
  • Development of Custom Ant Tasks (Apache Ant Project) used for automating installation and configuration for performance testing.
  • Planned and executed performance tests on multiple combinations of hardware, operating system and configuration (W2K, W2K3, Linux and SunOS with MySQL and Oracle).
  • Created reports using FogLight report tools and Apache FOP (implementation of XSL-FO to produce PDF files from XML files).
  • Perl script development.

REWSS | Concord, CA | 2005 Contract

Platform Development Supervisor

Main Achievements

Integrated REWSS tools in T-Mobiles cellular network in Western region of USA. Planning and coordinating server installation and configuration. Lead in developing Java based modules to communicate with Ericsson AXE/APG.

  • Development on AXEtool, part of REWSS tools. REWSS tools are network surveillance and fault management tools for telecom operators based on Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Java and Perl.
  • Primary technical customer contact for the Western Region of USA.
  • Analyzing customer requirements.
  • Application development in Java, PHP and Perl.
  • Developed Java modules to communicate via Telnet protocol to Ericsson AXE IOG and APG network elements. Modules handle login, logout, sending commands and retrieving printouts and communication towards the central MySQL databases.
  • Developed Applets and server side components in Java to display real-time charts of Ericsson AXE network element performance.

Wistmo Aps | Denmark, Europe | 2001 - 2004

Co-founder, Developer, and Senior Consultant

Main Achievements

Designed and implemented Java based application to communicate customer profile data between fixed- and mobile telecom operator (Telia) for convergence product. Application interfaced with WEB interface, FTP, E-mail, XML-based messaging.

  • Developed POS (Point Of Sale) system using Qt/C++.
  • Advisory consultancy to telecom operators in Denmark on service development and billing.
  • Developing and giving courses in mobile communication systems and protocols (GSM, GPRS, UMTS).
  • Developing Java applications for mobile devices (J2ME/MIDP). Communication using secure SOAP between terminal and Web server. Web services on MS IIS6 developed in C++ and C#.
  • Developing Java based application communicating with Mobile Modem device for call handling and text messaging on Linux. Own serial port module developed using JNI/C.
  • Use of Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, JBuilder, Forte.
  • Development of Time and project registration system on Linux/Apache/Tomcat/MySQL using client certificates for authorization so that our consultants could report work for invoicing securely from customer sites.

Inmobia | Denmark, Europe | 2000 - 2001

Software Development Supervisor

Main Achievements

Developed the SIM toolkit menu for Tele2’s SMS based content services and XML content stream for Telia’s portal “Speedy Tomato”.

  • Development of WAP portals using XML, MSSQL and ASP.
  • Use of Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Developed content engine, XML content stream handling from multiple sources such as news papers, weather forecast centers and independent authors.
  • Development of components in VB and Java.

ECSoft/Ciber | Denmark, Europe | 1999 - 2000

Consultant and Developer

Main Achievements

Lead technical advisor for Telia Mobile when implementing number portability. Represented Telia Mobile in the national technical negotiations between telecom operators.

  • Advisory consultancy to telecom operators.
  • Development of WEB portals in ASP.
  • Development of Components using VB, C/C++ and Java.
  • Developed and taught courses in Object Oriented Analysis and Design as part of the company’s internal Java training.

L. M. Ericsson | Denmark, Europe | 1994 - 1999

Sr. Specialist Service Development

Main Achievements

Performed Service Reliability Reviews (SRR) for telecom operators in Denmark and Sweden. Was the first certified SRR consultant at Ericsson in Denmark. Developed tools for SRR/NPI analysis.

  • Handling of CSR’s from Mobile Telecom operators (GSM).
  • Development of NPI services (Network Performance Improvement) for Telecom networks.
  • Teaching telecom systems and protocols.
  • Development of specialized test tools in C/C++ and Java.

Tele Danmark Mobil | Denmark, Europe | 1991 - 1994

GSM Technician

Main Achievements

Developed the first application for registering international tool-free numbers using Pascal.

  • Initial testing, Operation and maintenance of the first Danish GSM network (Ericsson, AXE10).
  • Development of specialized test tools in UNIX shell script, C/C++ and Pascal.


Volunteer Work

PayPal - Seif Project | GitHub | 2016 - Present

Seif is an open source project, started at PayPal, with the goal of transitioning the Web into an application delivery system that will be safer and easier for developers and users.

Main Achievements

I am currently working on porting the cryptographic capabilities into Java.

Morning Star Christian School | Bend, OR | 2013 - Present

Volunteer Teacher/ Board Member

Main Achievements

2016 Led a team of students to participate in the VEX Robotics competition in Redmond, OR for the first time.
2013 Taught the first computer programming class in the history of the school.

  • Teaching computer programming elective for 5th to 8th grade.
  • Teaching robotics elective for 5th to 8th grade.

Home | Bend, OR | 2007 - Present

Foster Parent

Main Achievements

Adopted 2 foster children.
Continuously fostered children.



Copenhagen Business College | Denmark, Europe | 1989 - 1992

Merkonom - Information Technology

  • Accounting
  • Organisation
  • Management
  • Information Technology Basics
  • Information Technology Development
  • Information Technology Acquisition

Danish Government Telecom Agency | Denmark, Europe | 1987 - 1989

Specialized Government Official - Telecommunications

  • Signalling and Protocols
  • Software Programming
  • Digital Electronics
  • Telecommunications Legislation and Standards

Bang & Olufsen | Denmark, Europe | 1986 - 1987

Trainee/Intern - Electronics

Training Areas
  • Diagramming
  • Printed Circuit Board Layout
  • Assembly
  • Measurement
  • Circuit Calculation

Technical School | Denmark, Europe | 1983 - 1986

Specialized Secondary Education - Electronics


Analog Electronics
Digital Electronics
Technical Communication (Drawing, Diagramming)
General Education (Language, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology)



Natural Language

Danish 5 - Native or Bilingual Proficiency
English 5 - Native or Bilingual Proficiency
German 3 - Minimum Professional Proficiency

Programming Language

Java Expert. 20+ years.
C# Expert. 10+ years.
JavaScript/JQuery/Angular Expert.
PHP Expert.

Markup Language

HTML/CSS/Bootstrap Expert.

Query Language

Oracle SQL Expert.
MySQL SQL Expert.
XPath Proficient.