Start Java process from Java

I was working on a project where I wanted to be able to run a Java process silently, similar to a windows service or a Unix daemon process, but platform independent. I wanted to start a java executable giving it the same classpath, and class to run as the current »

Use Ajax in HTML; AJAMU

If you want to include content to your blog or website that comes from another source without writing a bunch of JavaScript, this article about AJAMU is for you. Demo The name comes from AJAX which stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML, the XML part is removed. The suffix MU »

Show a map with your current location

In this article I am going to show you with a few lines of JavaScript how you can show the user's current location based on the IP address. We will also look at the more precise way to get the location in HTML5. The code Create three files; index.html, »

Current JAR path

I wanted to write an executable JAR file, that would be able to install itself. It should copy itself to the correct location and also perform some configuration. I was writing the installation guide and found myself saying something like "copy the JAR file to this location". Why not just »

Setting up Ghost

I have now managed to setup Ghost on my Linux CentOS 6 server hosted with EApps. Nick Campbell's post was very helpful. Thank you, Nick! I installed nginx using yum as suggested. I turned off my Apache service. The service startup script I used was a modification of the script »